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Kolkata – When Should You Consider to Buy your Home?

  • 4 months ago
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No More fall – If not now, when?

Well, while the entire economy is struggling to grow, Kolkata Real Estate market seems to be struggling hard to get back to its pace. Builders or Developers, be it new comers or the established, have been trying to come up with better or different ideas or technique to expand their market share. There are number of forces which have led to this situation and this can go worse if things are not brought under control or let’s say, if immediate corrective measures are not introduced.

While we say this, the obvious question that pops out, what are these factors that have contributed to the fall or stagnancy?

Slow infrastructural developments tops the list. Government role has always played a significant role in this sector. Various developments were delayed in all the corners of Kolkata. Starting from the upcoming metro links to construction of proposed flyovers, every bit has witnessed a snail pace.The irony remains not at this but at the continuance of the same.

Metro Link Under Construction

Needless to mention, some developers’ effort to maximize profit has gone terribly wrong in most of the cases. Sudden good response or anticipation of developments or rising cost of raw materials, be it for whatever reason, some developers just took the rate to a very unrealistic level which later forced them to push the rate down in whatsoever manner, while some kept it stagnant to protect investors’ sentiments and interests. However, the impact was inevitable and very much certain, leaving various investors bleeding and stuck, while exhausting others to an extent of leaving the market.

Further breakdown of certain projects or in most cases, its delay in delivery or possession, not only made the sector unsafe to invest but also made it a place specific for end users, leaving the investors wiped out.


Teen Kanya.png

Amidst all these factors, one thing that has given us a ray of hope is the real estate regulatory bill which seeks to achieve not only transparency in the real estate dealings but also aims to offer security to the buyers in every possible way and making it one of the safest place for investment.

Thus, it can happily be concluded, given the situation above, it is probably the best time to own a home comfortably, before the prices are further surged after its implementation! Why? We shall surely post about the prospects of REGB in details in our next post.

Till then, Stay Tuned! And Yes, Dont Forget to like our page!

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