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Innovation or Commitment?​

  • 4 months ago
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The time now has come for the real estate developers to check their level of progress on the commitments made. With the laws getting stricter and few benchmark judgments, we now hear more about the feasibility of any commitments before they finally place it in the market as it was more like an option and this feasibility check was done only at the time of delivery.

Any remarkable Innovation in this Industry brings a lot of financial implication and importantly, East’s Real Estate has always been price sensitive. So, any project with remarkable innovation is more likely to demand a premium price over its close competitors. Now to sell that kind of an Innovation requires an extra set up to make people aware of the same and make them realize it’s Value as against the extra amount to be paid, failure in which brings a considerable amount of pressure in the profit margin which most of the time leads to delay in delivery. On the other side, this also has a bigger advantage for they get to showcase their intention or helps them to get the required mileage in the Industry and thereby lifts their brand image.


Now that the laws are getting stricter and every commitment is now being looked at more seriously with the increased awareness among the buyers, Developers are now more keen to build blocks than to build address.

What do you think is more important?


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