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Hire an Inspector, before you move in to your home!

  • 4 months ago
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Yes, you read it right, its home inspector! Before I tell you about what they do or why you should consider consulting one, it is very important to know that their presence in the market is very limited and to find one, you might have to spend some time on the internet.

Buyers have always complained about the pain they take in rectifying various issues relating to construction which they face when they move into their home, it’s not always because of poor construction quality which is anyway one of the important reason though but the chances of finding a complex with 100% flawless construction is very remote. Some issues wrt drainage, water line, sanitary fittings can be rectified easily but some issues can easily turn your excitement of owning a home into a nightmare. These issues can be anything from water seepage to tiles fitment.

So, the saddest part of this story is that these issues can never be avoided but the good part is that the sooner they are identified, the easier it gets to solve them or once identified, one can report it to the developer before taking the keys which shall help them to get it rectified by the developer without having to spend extra.

Their services include inspection of every aspect of your living experience, some even look at the common features of a complex to ascertain if there can be any issue in future that may stand in the way of comfortable living experience that may include safety features as well.

Similarly, it is of ultimate use for those developers who outsource their construction or even landowners who offer their land on joint venture.

Though a very little idea could be drawn about their charges but it should be somewhere around INR 15-20 per sft.

but there is also a challenge, most of the buyers are still unaware of such services and a percentage out of those who are aware even feels that availing such services has no or little worth and end up spending more ultimately as most of the issues show up when the damage has already been done.

To conclude, DDDOn’t let your home give you a money shock for it’s not the space that we buy but the dreams of comfort, luxury and pride!

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