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  • 4 months ago
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At this point of time, when most of us are confused if it is the right time to own an apartment, certain guidelines can help you get out of such situation. One of the most important objective of this Government in centre is to bring transparency in the transaction which is one of the key issue in real estate and uplifting the middle and poor section of the population which is evident from the recent steps or initiatives taken or even those in planning stage, such as demonetization, digital India, subsidized interest rate in home loan, clean India initiatives and so on. However, the confusion seem to have remained with the timing to own a property, thus, it has become very necessary to check these points before you decide to buy or if you should wait!

Developer’s history: It is always advisable to check the history of any developer , however this has become even more important in midst of price uncertainty. History does not only include timely possession or quality delivered but also their pricing trend. Pricing strategy of any developer reflects its intention towards its investor or those who have already jumped into it. But dont get upset if you find it difficult to trace the same, You can now ask for price guarantee or an awesome deal, however the latter would not be that easy. You can also look out for offers for which you may want to look at the websites of the preferred or authorized marketing partners to see if that particular project or developer has any discount or promotional offers.

Search ONLY if you are ready : This does not only involve introspecting but also checking if you have sufficient funds for your investment or if you are eligible for bank loan and  if yes, then to what extent as this might save you from ending up hurting your pocket and more importantly lets you enjoy the feeling of owning your home.

Also, with the use of technology, most of the marketing partners now use CRM or related software to maintain the details of those inquiring about their projects , so, those with large number of  inquiries over a long period get noticed by Advisors and which leads to losing out on credibility of such people, later such inquires might go unattended or taken very casually.

Developments: People expressing concerns about completion of government projects should try and understand that such projects once planned and implemented, might take some time to complete but they usually get completed where the chance of complete shut down remains very remote. But the point here is , once such developments are operational, the price of any project in such surrounding will eventually go up and may even become un-affordable for some.

With the new Act to be in place, there shall be two aspect to it, the first would be the transparency in all the sphere of industry along with buyers’ protection in terms of both finance  and trust and the second and the most important aspect would be more stricter rules  for the developers to comply and that might make it real tough for the small player  to sustain and thus reducing the competition and thereby letting those in the market to shoot their price up. Further price manipulation done by the marketing partners shall also be restricted.

With all these, one can only say , relying on media’s version of analysis on real estate particularly may be lead you to nowhere but you may end up losing this opportunity to buy a home for yourself. Affordable segment may always be there but the existence will be again in those areas where developments are just planned or in the initial days of implementation, So, you may then have to look for an area some miles away to suit your budget.

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