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Designing your Office?

  • 4 months ago
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lying couple on grass and dream house collage

We have always been busy in deciding or dreaming to own a home which would not only cater to our basic need but also a symbol of our life style. For some of us, it is about fulfilling a basic need but for most of us, it has become a place to take pride on. So, we look at various factors while arriving at the decision apart from location and price, these factors vary according to one’s preference, it could be a view from the apartment, terrace size, air and sunlight factor and many more.


How salient an office can be?

We hardly care to look at the significant factors while deciding on a place where we spend 65% of awake life and importantly where we earn to build such dream home. It’s the OFFICEwhich not only shapes our life but defines who we are. Offices have always been built with an intention of having a space which would be sufficient to accommodate human resources where they can work but a thought was hardly being given for creating a space for their own people where they can live while they work, where they can create memories, where their work place becomes a motivation in itself to give out their best of best which ultimately drives an organisation to achieve its goal in the most efficient way.

typical view from terrace

It is very essential to have an atmosphere or a place where your people can not only be comfortable but also where they can feel like they are in their own place. Some builders have already started coming up with such spaces with open terraces to incorporate vertical greenery or lets say biophilic structures to enhance working experience or to bring in a connect between human and nature, such connect lets people generate energy which they tend to lose under ACs. Such structures are all set to defy the very traditional concept of work space which is often built like a box with ACs installed. Such revolutionary designs shall soon define the course of future Commercial building designs.

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