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Kolkata – When Should You Consider to Buy your Home?

No More fall – If not now, when? Well, while the entire economy is struggling to grow, Kolkata Real Estate market seems to be struggling hard to get back to its pace. Builders or Developers, be it new comers or the established, have been trying to come up with better or different ideas or technique to expand their market share. There are number of forces which have led to this situation and this can...

Hi There!

At this point of time, when most of us are confused if it is the right time to own an apartment, certain guidelines can help you get out of such situation. One of the most important objective of this Government in centre is to bring transparency in the transaction which is one of the key issue in real estate and uplifting the middle and poor section of the population which is evident from the recent...

Designing your Office?

We have always been busy in deciding or dreaming to own a home which would not only cater to our basic need but also a symbol of our life style. For some of us, it is about fulfilling a basic need but for most of us, it has become a place to take pride on. So, we look at various factors while arriving at the decision apart from location and price, these factors vary according to one’s preference, it...

Innovation or Commitment?​

The time now has come for the real estate developers to check their level of progress on the commitments made. With the laws getting stricter and few benchmark judgments, we now hear more about the feasibility of any commitments before they finally place it in the market as it was more like an option and this feasibility check was done only at the time of delivery. Any remarkable Innovation in this...

Hire an Inspector, before you move in to your home!

Yes, you read it right, its home inspector! Before I tell you about what they do or why you should consider consulting one, it is very important to know that their presence in the market is very limited and to find one, you might have to spend some time on the internet. Buyers have always complained about the pain they take in rectifying various issues relating to construction which they face...

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